"Hello, my name is Jeremiah Burris. I started the Love Haiti Fund in January 2012. The Love Haiti Fund is a certified, non-profit organization and corporation. Since starting the fund, some amazing things have happened. Thousands of dollars have been raised by teens, adults, businesses, and children. This money has gone directly to Haiti, where it has been used to help so many. The Love Haiti Fund has been able to feed thousands of people and pay for more than several hundreds of children's medical treatment. In addition we are currently sending 100 orphan children to school. LHF has most recently started its first business in Haiti that has hired 4 Haitian employees and is servicing the community that it's in. The Love Haiti Fund's goal is to create a culture of giving, and revive the nation of Haiti through economics and education. Thank you for your continued support of the awesome work we do.” Love Haiti! 

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