Jeremiah Burris: The creator of the Love Haiti Fund. Jeremiah has created an organization that has helped the people of Haiti, and promoted a culture of change in ways that no one has done before! He is studying entrepreneurship in college and plans to start his own resort in Haiti. Jeremiah continues to create new ways to help the people of Haiti. "I won't stop until I see the revival of the nation of Haiti!"

Paul Yeager: Since taking his first trip in April (2013) Paul has decided to join the Love Haiti team. Paul has helped out with almost all of the events the fund has put on. Paul continued the work of the fund in Avon High School as well as the community since Jeremiah moved on to college. Paul is now managing the online store for the fund. "I will not let the people of Haiti and their nation be forgotten."

Precious Thompson: The Love Haiti Fund is not exclusive to any race, religion, or age group, and Precious is an embodiment of that. Precious took her first trip to Haiti when she was only 5 years old! Since then Precious has returned four times to help out her friends that she makes every time she visits. Precious continues to spread the word about our Fund throughout her community and school. She is an inspiration to us all and her actions show us that you're never too young to do something big.