Love Haiti Business Ventures:

     LHF has opened its first business in Montrouis, Haiti in the Souboy neighborhood in July 2016. The LHF store is currently employing 4 locals and servicing the community which it is located in. The store sells clothing and shoes as well as purified water by the gallon. The store is also a source of electricity and wifi where people can come and charge their phones and connect to the internet. To hear more about the LHF Store visit our videos page and watch the full interview based around the creation of this amazing business. 

     By donating to this program you will be personally investing in creating more sustainable businesses in Haiti that will employ Haitian people and empower their culture. Our business ventures will create a new wave in Haiti that will escalate the level of business and create economic sustainability. Our vision for Montrouis, Haiti in the Souboy neighborhood is to build a city that people will travel from around the world to see and be a part of! 


Educate Haiti:

The Educate Haiti program is currently sending 100 orphan children to school. At school they receive a meal (it may be the only meal they get all day), a uniform and books. This program is also working to send young motivated Haitians to college.This program promotes education in this impoverished nation with the hope of helping the nation to become self-sustaining. We believe education will motivate and empower Haitians to achieve this goal.



Love Haiti Beach Parties:

We started doing the Love Haiti Beach Parties during the spring of 2013. How it works exactly is this:  We set up a grill and music on a beach next to a village in need that is chosen by us and we have a cookout party. We provide hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and soda pop. The reason we do this is because many people in Haiti struggle everyday just to survive and we feel that we should celebrate them and give them joy as well as motivation to keep moving forward.  No other organizations do these kind of parties; and that is because no other organization is like ours.


Clear the Floor:

Our "Clear the Floor program" is our hospital initiative. Every time we take a trip down to Haiti we go to a hospital and pay for the medical bills of an entire floor of children. Often children on this floor do not receive proper care. They have crowded rooms and sometimes children have to sleep on the floor. This is a result of lack of finances or abandonment by their parents. In this hospital when a child's family cannot afford the bill the child will not receive the treatment. We once witnessed a child die because they could not afford a $20 medication. This program can save children's lives and truly make a difference in a families life who's child is in need.